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How to Master Leadership Skills in Life and Sports

Collaboration wins championships. But if that teamwork mindset only exists on game day, players won’t create meaningful connections that outlast the buzzer. Teams can build relationships that motivate them to win in every aspect of life—when they’re coached with passion, purpose, and understanding.

Setting Goals

Learn how to set goals and achieve success for your team


Effective collaboration with you team is a win for everyone


Leadership Skills

Master the leader inside of YOU

Positive Attitudes

Motivate your group and change the way your peers think

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By Patrick Touhey

About Patrick Touhey

Patrick Touhey is the president at Elite Performance Too – E, LLC, and coached basketball at the high school and college levels. Continuing the work of his late brother, Hall of Fame basketball coach Kevin Touhey, Patrick offers workshops to athletic programs and corporations to build a culture fueled by passion, integrity, compassion, empathy, selflessness, trust, and honesty, anchored through the connections and relationships between teammates or coworkers.. Patrick also founded, built, and sold a multi-million dollar business.

Transform Your Team’s Individualism into Inclusion with this FREE 5-Step Exercise!

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    How Connections and Relationships Are The Winning Steps

    Fun and camaraderie in today’s youth sports often end up sidelined by stress and selfishness. Coaching teamwork can feel like an impossible goal under the pressures of parental overinvolvement and individual success.

    Scholarships or trophies shouldn’t be the only goal of team sports though. Motivate your players to foster valuable relationships and win together in every aspect of life—when you coach with passion, purpose, and understanding.

    In Create Forever Teammates, Patrick Touhey shares a coaching program that will cultivate the intrinsic culture of your team to dramatically improve players’ performance and emotional health. Full of actionable principles and exercises, this guide goes beyond strength training and practice drills to help you awaken your players’ self-awareness and encourage them to work toward their full potential—as athletes, as people, and as future leaders.