Patrick Touhey

Author of Create Forever Teammates

About the Author

“Collaboration wins championships. But if that teamwork mindset only exists on game day, players won’t create meaningful connections that outlast the buzzer.”

Patrick Touhey is president at Elite Performance Too – E, LLC. He also was a high school basketball head coach for both boys’ and girls’ teams, as well as a college assistant coach.

When his brother, Hall of Fame basketball coach Kevin Touhey, was dying from lung cancer, Patrick promised him he’d continue his passionate work of athletic coaching. With Elite Performance Too-E, Patrick mentors both coaches and players to tap into their hearts and passions, pursue the spirit of team sports, and become the best version of themselves. Elite Performance Too-E emphasizes intrinsic elements rather than extrinsic metrics that sports often prioritize, such as hours of work, scholarships, and individual statistics. By teaching the value of service, leadership, and team connection, Patrick and Elite Performance Too-E help athletes to overcome the common selfish and self-absorbed mindset and use the athletic experience toward their development as people and potential leaders. Patrick has played an integral part in coaching multiple teams to win state championships and reach their highest potential.

Patrick and his wife, Deborah, live in Niles, Michigan, where he enjoys reading books, working outdoors, and remodeling their home.

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